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Car Seat Inspections Did you know that in most areas you can have a volunteer Certified Child Passeng More ... May-05 BDC/CRM Best Idea  
Concatenate Concatenate means to "join together" and although I'm all for learning a new wor More ... Dec-07 Time Saver  
Divide and Conquer - When your Excel formula results turn out to be that ugly divide by zero error # More ... Jun-08 Techno Tip  
DMS Contracts - Nothing is worse than finding out that you're locked in for 2-3 more years for v More ... Sep-08 Saving Money  
Here they come! - Vehicle shipping notices Vehicle shipping notices can be one of the most valuable things for a good Inter More ... Jan-08 BDC/CRM Best Idea  
Kill the Typewriter and Stapler One of my favorite consulting chores is to go through a car deal and look for w More ... Aug-06 Saving Money  
Let the Mouse do it! Are you tired of having to remembering passwords? Do you worry about someone st More ... Sep-07 Time Saver  
Messy Desktop? If your desktop is cluttered with icons right click on the Desktop, choose Prop More ... Sep-06 Techno Tip  
Quick Calendar - To quickly view a calendar without loading Outlook, double click on the… Oct-06 Techno Tip  
Quick Sum - In Excel, just hold down the Alt key… Feb-06 Techo Tip  
Slow Shop Day Every dealership has a slow day in the shop. If you find yourself in this situa More ... May-07 BDC/CRM Best Idea  
Speed up your computers - If your computer is taking a long time to start up or load programs, you might More ... Apr-07 Techno Tip  
Unclaimed Property - According to group of controllers that I recently spoke to, unclaimed property More ... Mar-08 Time Saver  
Up Sell Details Do you detail cars? How about using that as an "up sell" for your BDC/CRM Best I More ... Nov-04 BDC/CRM Best Idea  
Who Needs the Factory? I just reviewed a client's monthly support bill and they are paying for Mar-07 Saving Money  
2007 Files - If you're still holding onto Office XP and people are sending you Office 2007 fi More ... Jul-08 Techno Tip  
5 Ways to Save Money on Your Computer System - Training You might think that training is going to cost you money, but after doing a lot More ... Jan-05 Saving Money  
A Free Backup of your DMS System. A client of mine found a great way to have a fireproof backup of her computer da More ... Dec-06 Saving Money  
A penny for your thoughts! I often get mailer that has a coin in a window – March of Dimes sends me a dime More ... Nov-09 BDC/CRM Best Idea  
A Reason to Upgrade - If you're looking for a good reason to upgrade to Office 2007, the new versio More ... Apr-08 Time Saver  
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Details found: 360
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